PC Application Development

Traditional PC applications are still required throughout industry due to their extremely fast & reliable nature.

We can build full PC app solutions within all of the major development frameworks, including .NET (C#, C++, VB), Python & Java. We use all the latest development tools and are happy to target any platform, including Windows, Linux & Mac OS.

We can build full, modern & easy to use graphical user interfaces (GUI) alongside your PC application. This can be crucial in minimising the need for operator training.

All our PC applications are built with efficiency & reliability at the forefront.

Key benefits

  • Modern - we use modern development tools, ensuring maximum lifespan for your app

  • Bespoke - completely build around your business and your unique requirements

  • Platform support - we can target all major platforms, including Windows, Linux & Mac OS

  • Reliability - our projects are rigorously tested to ensure maximum reliability before delivery

  • On-site visits - we are happy to visit your business and learn about the requirements in detail

  • Low-level - to achieve full performance, we can develop in low-level languages such as C & C++